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Use WebStripper offline browser to quickly download web sites and pages onto your hard disk. WebStripper creates an exact copy of the site which you can browse offline whenever you want without having to connect to the internet.



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By using WebStripper you:

  • No need to pay expensive call charges while browsing web sites - WebStripper will quickly download them and once done you can disconnect and browse offline at your own pace.

  • Keep a permanent copy. Web sites can disappear overnight. With a copy of the site stored by WebStripper you will always have your own copy to refer back to.

  • Check for updates. WebStripper can revisit a site whenever you want to check for, and download, any new or changed pages. The pages are then listed on the What's New section of WebStripper.

The principle features of WebStripper:

  • Easy to use. When you click the New Site button WebStripper grabs the address from your browser. Another click and you're downloading. It really is that easy and the default options are the ones you'll use most often. If not just step through the wizard to change them and tell WebStripper exactly which pages to fetch.

  • Versatile. WebStripper gives you many options for selecting what to download by file type, location and size.

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  • Fast. WebStrippers multi-threaded downloading engine downloads pages fast. You can choose how many threads to use and whether to download text only or the full page including graphics.

  • Thorough. Some sites can be difficult to grab if they come from CGI scripts or contain JavaScript. WebStripper can't promise to download 100% of websites but it in most cases it does a very good job of downloading them.

  • Choice of browser. WebStripper has a built in browser for viewing sites but it can also display the pages in your own default browser.

View a complete list of features.

The internet just won't feel the same once you've got WebStripper to help you.

Tucows rating: 5 cows

ZD-Net rating: 5 Stars
"Although it seems almost simplistic in design, WebStripper offers a high level of control and top-notch performance."

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Most material on the internet is copyrighted.
If you intend to use downloaded material for anything other than personal use you must obtain the copyright holders permission first.
Solent Software is opposed to copyright theft.